Children Of More

Children of More Official Trailer
children of moreThe Children of More chronicles the journey of primarily African American high school students challenged with balancing personal life and achieving academic success. More than a year ago, Reading Specialist Timothy Moore was hired to help improve reading and comprehension scores of students at Grad Academy Memphis. Some identify these students as delayed learners slipping through the cracks of the public education system. Others may view these students as mere victims of circumstance, surrounded by poverty, brokenness, and negativity. While these factors may present a number of challenges for these teens and the educators of Grad High, Specialist Moore and a group of dedicated educators are determined to inspire these kids and set them on a path to success.

Moore enlists Principal Darian Jones, Robotics Specialist Andrea Robinson, and a host of other facilitators to assist him with mentoring and coaching, as well as developing programs and opportunities to support hope, healing, and transformation for Grad High students. One such program is the Slam Contest. This event is intended to be a platform where students are given the chance to brainstorm creative ideas in poetic verse or spoken prose, then bring their words to life in a stage performance before peers and facilitators alike. 

The Slam began strong, with some very talented young scholars delivering extremely thought provoking verse. But as the slam continued there seemed to be a divergent tone taking place that the facilitators of Grad were not expecting. Principal Jones was forced to end the Slam to regain control of the slippery slope of expression taking place, which did not go over well for those students waiting to share their spoken poetry next. Although disappointed filled the atmosphere from both sides of the aisle, it proved to be a pivotal opportunity for the administration address some sentiments that they would have never heard or understood if the slippery slope had never occurred; a chance to talk. A much needed conversation began to take place between students and faculty; allowing the work of healing and transformation to take root. 

Through an honest examination of the lives of these teenagers, The Children of More attempts to peel back the layers of complexities students face while seeking an education, along with the many layers educators like Reading Specialist Moore and Principal Jones have to unravel before real learning could ever take place. The biggest hope as a result of this documentary is that more teacher, faciltators be given the time and latitude to peel back the layers and unapologetically identify ways to develop unique programs and curriculum that transforms the lives of young people thrown into a public education system with no regard to the circumstances impeding learning. By doing so, society increases the chances that kids facing incredible challenges will successfully defy the odds and become winning stewards with a highly productive future.