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Monday / September 27.
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The MFW History Ambassadors Program (HAP)

The MFW History Ambassadors Program  – HAP is an interactive, educational experience designed to enhance the knowledge of middle and high school students in underserved neighborhoods around the rich history, heritage, and culture of Memphis and Midsouth.

Our Offerings

HAP offers a six-week internship experience for students to discover and engage important people, places, and events that have shaped Memphis’ 200-year history. HAP participants will learn about the hidden gems of their neighborhoods, discover local history from the historymakers themselves, and connect with their own story along the way. This experience also offers career pathway trainings for school-aged youth interested in film production, media literacy, and broadcast journalism. Students will receive a modest stipend for completing this internship experience.

Our Goal

The goal of HAP is to foster a sense of civic and community pride through the cross-pollination of community and neighborhood stories. Thereby, connecting youth with historical and character building knowledge that not only enhances their sense of self and appreciation for the contributions their forebears have made throughout the years, but also instilling a greater sense of pride and ownership in the positive outcome of their future story.

Our Process

Over the course of six weeks, HAP participants will interview local history makers, learn from longtime residents, and visit historical landmarks, museums and sites that are pertinent to their learning experience. Participants will then be given the opportunity to recount their experiences through the production of their very own short documentary film. At the close of each HAP internship experience, HAP graduates will make a final presentation and public screening of their creative works at a local arts theatre or school auditorium, before a live audience. Following their presentation, all HAP participants will receive feedback and recognition from their peers, parents, teachers, and community leaders from around the city.