Video production full = $2,500

Video production half day = $1,500 

Content creation = $150/hr

Event management = $300/hr 

Project Management  Media Consulting = $ 175/hr

Training & Development = $ Call for more information Custom pricing [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Since 2015, we have been producing documentaries depicting the real life complexities about social and environmental justice, cultural identity, public health, social wellness, and self-discovery. 

Content Creation

From concept to creation, our top priority is bringing amazing ideas to life. Our network of talented creatives are ready to help you come up with your award winning digital story.

Video Production

Capturing special moments around town is super important to us. Whether it's covering a conference, concert, festival, wedding, product launch, or promotional campaign, our crew will answer the call.

Community Gatherings

More than a film company, we bring people in our community together through annual empowerment conferences community enrichment programs and various initiatives that help us engage and connect.