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Saturday / September 25.
Founder & Executive Director
Lakethen Mason
Our Founder Lakethen Mason had a vision to start a multimedia agency that focused on preserving and promoting the unique culture of the midsouth. Whether it be producing a short film to promote the work of other nonprofits, or hosting and filming important conversations and moments which may define our history and culture for generations to come. Through his leadership and vision as Executive Director and Chief Creative Officer, Mason is committed to pushing the envelope of creativity and advocacy while opening doors for younger creatives to chart limitless pathways of artistic expression and cultural understanding for all.


John Hamilton

Our Co-Founder and Company Officer, John Hamilton has served in the background and been instrumental in helping build the organizational presence of Memphis FilmWorks in social media. John also brings decades of technical expertise to the organization and is touted as the guru to the filmmaking process. He currently serves as a trusted advisor and webmaster for MFW and a strong mentor to incoming MFW staff and leadership personnel.

Board Chair and Company Officer

Angela Williamson

Angela Williamson currently serves a our board chair and Programs Overseer. She brings an impressive background in book publishing, art and history curatorial leadership and museum operations. An accomplished author in her own right, Angela has authored several books and numerous literary publications throughout her career. Angela currently leads the implementation of both the MFW History Ambassadors Program and the editing of MFW’s first anthology book series ‘Our Neighbors, Our Stories.’