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Monday / September 27.
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Beth Trouy

Beth Trouy: “Who am I to Judge?”

Beth Trouy is a proud resident of Memphis, born and raised in Frayser. She grew up in a catholic home where she was very closeted because of the closed-mindedness of the church at the time. Because she was unable to truly be herself, that caused emotional wounds. Fast-forwarding to Trouy today and things came full circle once she discovered the Catholic Ministry with Gay and Lesbians Persons, a ministry that she is now faithfully serves. 

Catholic Ministry with Gay and Lesbians Persons (CMGLP) is important to Trouy because growing up she didn’t have a place of worship that valued her intersectionality. She sees the discrimination of churches against LGBTQ+ members as a grave injustice to so many in her community. When she found out about CMGLP, she instantly wanted to be a part of a place of worship that would be a part of the solution, not the problem. Since serving as coordinator Trouy’s main goal has been reaching out to others and encouraging people to trust the vision of the church. 

CMGLP is something new. It brings together what seemingly are two opposing communities. It’s a conversation starter. Trouy admired this aspect of the church because she believes conversations are how you start to break down societal walls that come between different communities.  

“Conversation is how you break down barriers, that’s how you heal. You start a conversation with someone and you listen. You listen to their story. You listen to the journey that they’ve taken and in listening you validate,” said Beth Trouy.

Trouy is a healer in other ways. She went to University of Tennessee for physical therapy. She went on to become a clinical wound specialist. She not only cares about emotional wounds but people’s physical wounds. There is a lot of stigma surrounding open wounds, so she ministers to people with wounds so that they can regain their dignity.